Why Choose Bowen Essence?

 Twenty years of experience has been inspired constantly with a passion for learning, growing and evolving. This brings a personalised approach that is extremely unique offering results and change. Ultimately creating change that is long term is the satisfaction of our work knowing it is empowering clients to be aware pain relief and quality of life is possible.

The bodywork is gentle, non invasive and very relaxing on muscles and body systems of the body. This practice brings together a blend of knowledge that makes your body experience a wholistic therapy. In a relaxed way your body is encouraged to make its own muscle adjustments and realign in a natural balancing response  to many unresolved or outstanding physical concerns.

Our holistic approach is like no other and needs to be experienced. Clients can experience great changes restoring faith in the potential or your own body. With such positive change clients feedback has them  more relaxed and comfortable with an improved state of being.

Susan's background in Herbal Medicine makes availabile a variety of optional extras. Access to a Professional Range of supplements can be included in your healthcare progamme. Pure certified theraputic grade Essential Oils are used with their natural multidude of benefits in clinic, and can be added at home where personal blends are created for you. And the foundation of health supported wtih The Australian Bush Flower Essences for emotional balance in a most gentle way.These are all optional and available on request,  to support your own health and wellbeing.

Clinic Hours & Location


10.00am to 3.30pm


10.00am to 1.30pm


Central Coast,
New South Wales 2263

What To Expect In Your Appointment

Your experience will  reconnect you to the nature of your own body with a quality of care like not other. A sanctuary and space for you and your own healing. Essential oils enhance an environment designed to resonate with the serenity of nature in balance, for relaxation and comfort.

To provide the most effective results we journey together looking at addressing the causes of your symptoms. Navigating layers of experiences and emotions stored in your body, muscle, lymphatic and nerve work is self correcting with subtle moves. Naturally we encourage receptors in the muscles to self adjust. It is here that progress and change is possible. For lasting change your self care commitment is vital.

Know each treatment is adjusted to add to your improvement with a goal to maintain the newly created balance within your body. A place to remember how to relax, with progressive changes and relief, that creates new ease and freedom of movement. As the seasons followups are recommended to maintain results and prevent injury. In this space it is your choice how we work together for your quality of life. 

Why use Essential Oils and The Bush Flower Essences

A professional and  beautiful space that gives you timeout with your body. A space that is important for your change.   The Young Living Essential oils used, are pure and theraputic grade with disinfectant qualiities influencing with subtle aromas that have a theraputic  influence.

The nature of the essential oils are naturally theraputic. Our clinic utilizes the soothing effect they have on the senses to have you feeling totally comfortable. However medicinally these essential oils disinfects our clinic environment, supports immunity and can be used as topical applications as needed for inflamation or pain.

If you are new to essential oils take the opportunity to read about the ones used in our clinic. If you have any questions about their benefits please send me a message through this site.

The Bush Flower Essences are energetic liquids used for adults and children alike. Easy to use and extremely safe for effective subtle emotional support . Blends are made up for you personally as with the essential oils on request.

For details on our COVID related practices, please refer to our FAQ.

Qualification Details

  • Diploma Proficiency Bowen Therapy
  • Cerificate IV Bowen Therapy
  • Certificate Level 6 Emmett Technique
  • Diploma Medical Herbalism,
  • Diploma Complimentary Medical Science
  • Certificate Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Certificate Touch for Health